Exploring the World through Cultural Travel Tours

Our art and cultural tours, led by Stevie Mack, go to a variety of popular national and international destinations. Each tour is based on an artistic or cultural theme that features art, artists, and cultural destinations. Our educational tour company offers trips with a wide variety of experiences and a large dose of fun. Educators receive certificates for professional development credit.

Some of the Themes Include:

  • The Art & Culture of Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Day of the Dead, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Pueblo Indian Art, New Mexico
  • International Folk Art, New Mexico
  • Artists and Patrons of New Mexico
  • The Art of Georgia O’Keeffe, New Mexico
  • Art & Culture of Guatemala

Stevie Mack

Days of the Dead

in Oaxaca, Mexico
October 27 - November 4, 2020

Oaxaca is vibrant year round, but it is especially beautiful during the Days of the Dead, the Mexican holiday dedicated to honoring family and ancestors. Join Stevie Mack and Mike Grassinger for this fabulous trip and become a part of the fiesta as you shop the special markets, visit cemeteries, and watch the processions. Discover the history of Mexico while touring museums and exploring famed archeological sites. You will visit the folk art villages where fabulous woodcarvings, weavings, and ceramics are created by hand.

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What CRIZMAC Travelers Say

Gold mask Tomb 7 from Monte Alban Days of the Dead trip

"The trip way exceeded my expectations! This was the best planned, most well-organized, most smoothly flowing, flawless trip I've ever been on, including ones that have been ongoing for decades. The timing was perfect so that we could see the excitement, the energy, the color of the Days of the Dead, building day by day on the streets and among the people".

MaryCarol H.
Day of the Dead, Oaxacan, Mexico

"I am always amazed and grateful for the variety of activities connected with the CRIZMAC trips. I love the connections to art, artists, and education that are made throughout the experience. I have been to New Mexico many times, but this yearly trip with CRIZMAC continues to enrich my personal education with the art and culture of the region. Thank you for your thoughtful and sensitive planning regarding every experience."

Judy C.
Tres Culturas, New Mexico

"Tres Culturas was a great experience. Well organized, quality venues, accommodations and presenter. A class act!"

Clare R.
Tres Culturas, New Mexico

"Thanks, so much, Stevie and Mike, for a great workshop! You know how to bring back our favorites and wow us with new visits to artists' homes, galleries, historical sites and exhibits that we haven't seen."

Maggie P.
Tres Culturas, New Mexico

Church in Santa Fe - Tres Culturas trip

"I loved seeing the artists at work in their homes and being able to visit the cemeteries was festive and solemn at the same time and not to be missed. The warm and caring way that Stevie and Mike presented the Oaxacan people and their valley was phenomenal".

Laurie E.
Day of the Dead, Oaxacan, Mexico

"Carol and I really enjoyed our trip with you to Santa Fe, so much art and culture! I especially loved the time we spent at Mabel Dodge's house, felt like all those creative people and their lifestyle was still there, with us! Thanks for asking us to join you! You did a great job in the trip organization, everything went so smoothly, what a fun week, I hope I can join you sometime in the future on another one of your trips."

Gayle N.
Tres Culturas, New Mexico

"Everything on the on The Day of the Dead trip in 2016 was a highlight. It was all fabulous." Read the entire letter

Sandy N.
Day of the Dead, Oaxacan, Mexico

"I’m still flying high due to the fabulous week you so skillfully organized, prepared, and delivered for us. I appreciate so much the all the work everyone put into this incredible experience."

Mary J.
Hampton Cove, AL
Multicultural Extravaganza, Arizona
Celebration of Culture, New Mexico
O’Keeffe Art and Leadership Seminar, New Mexico

"The leaders were great. I don’t think any more could have been packed into the trip. An individual on his own couldn’t have done or seen as much as we did."

Alan C.
La Mirada, CA
Passport to Discovery, Central Mexico

"I can’t thank you enough for bringing the beauty of New Mexico alive in such an exciting, fun, and inspirational way. The memories of this trip will last a lifetime and the stories as well as learning will be eagerly passed on to my students."

Maria G.
South Salem, NY
Celebration of Culture, New Mexico

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